Ahh yes... 2012 must be around the corner!

So, I'm getting 2-5 calls a day from different political interests. I'm getting a TON of e-mails from states I used to live in, and of course all the news is about the Republican race for the nomination. SO, with that, I shall give you my quick and dirty guide to whose who in my mind in the race for the Presidential nomination. No particular order for these people, just my .02 hoping to be seen by somebody important and actually get paid for my opinion. Isn't my opinion just as valid as Rush, or Hannity, or Matthews? What makes them guru's? I'm the local guru in my house on politics, so here goes... like 'em or not, here's my run down:

Michele Bachmann - Never did like her. She started out strong, but withered away like 8 day old roses without water. Just as fast as she sprung on the scene, she was (or should be) gone. She reminds me of the parable of the seeds that J-sus talks about. The ones that get tossed to the ground and start to take root in the rocky soil. Sure they sprout up, but once the sun hits 'em hard, they wither away. Now if only she'd take the hint and leave already...... one can only hope.

Herman Cain - Now this is a guy that I like. Multiple reasons to like this guy here. He helps the Republican party overcome the racist label they unfairly have. This is a guy that Republicans can vote for and Democrats can't call them racist for not voting for Obama. What I REALLY like about him though is his business sense. He's got that something special. He has taken root slowly, and people need to know more about him, but everything I've read tells me he's a no nonsense Republican. Could he be the "next Regan" the Republicans are looking for? It's a big label, but I believe Cain can handle it. Plus, with a name like Cain, even those crazy hard religious right crazies can remember that name right?

Newt Gingrich - "She turned me into a Newt" "A Newt?" "I got better!" Sorry just couldn't resist that whole Monty Python thing. I always think of it when I hear Newt's name. Just can't vote for a guy that makes me think of Monty Python all the time to lead the country! Seriously though, Newt comes with too much baggage. Now as an advisor to Herman Cain (or any other Republican Nominee) alright. Not as VP, Not as Sec. of State, just an advisory please. Plus wouldn't he make meetings fun? He's almost as bad at spouting off at the mouth as Biden. Might be good for a laugh or two, but who really sees this as a viable campaign?

Jon Huntsman - I don't really know ANYTHING about this guy. Don't see him as being all that important. Maybe I'll look into him when 2016 comes around. I see that as the next time this guy is relevant.

Gary Johnson - See above. See Jon Huntsman. Same thing here.

Ron Paul - Now this is a guy I WANT to like. I really do. He makes me think of a crazy uncle. I like him, but I'm just not so sure he's what we really need. There's a lot of things, point by point I like about the guy. I just can't get past some differences I have with him. They're not huge, but they are enough that I can't get past them. One thing I can't seem to get is the gold backed currency again. Really? That's not going to help ANYTHING. I do like his strict constitutional stands... I'd be willing for him to be a VP, just not sure I'm ready to vote for him to be the lead here.....

Rick Perry - See above about Michele Bachmann. I can't get behind a guy that isn't willing to get in the race when he should have, early on, and I can't get behind a guy that demands religion is his way. Sorry, my copy of the Constitution says there shall be no religious test, and that the government can't establish a religion. I'm a devout Christian, but I'm not going to make sure the whole country is, that's not what this country is about.

Mitt Romney - Now here's another guy I can get behind. I liked Mitt back in 2008. I like his business sense, I like his political savvy, I like the fact that even if he didn't back it totally as governor, he understood his constituents and passed health care reform. Now personally I can't stand the idea of health care reform. I say let the chips fall where they may, and let the free market determine things, but Mitt was governor of a state that demanded free medical care. He did alright for what they demanded. Was it what a Republican should do? No, but it was what a leader should do, listen to the constituents and try not to bankrupt the state in the process. I give him a pass on Romney Care, it should really be called Kennedy Care.

That's it for now, but let me know what you think, and if your a friend of somebody in the big world of political commentary, let me know... maybe you'll see me on the boob tube one day!! LOL!

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