OK all, it's time I take a chance, step out on a limb, and make some comments about the "Occupy" movement. So, this is my take, like it or leave it, feel free to voice your opinion as well, that's what America's about, and that's one reason I was in the Army, to defend your right to disagree with me.

Let's start with what this movement is. Well, maybe somebody can help here. I'm not sure what this movement is about. I get people are mad that they feel screwed out of the American dream. I get that people feel like they have been stomped on by "the man". I get that people feel like they’re not in control. What I really get out of these people is that they "FEEL" something is wrong. Ah yes, the all important FEELINGS. We've begun to think that instead of "I think therefore I am", it is "I FEEL therefore LISTEN TO ME I'M IMPORTANT!" That right there in a nutshell is the entitlement mentality. Not really entitled, but for some reason people think they're important. Let me tell you..... YOUR NOT AS IMPORTANT AS YOU THINK! AND I'M NOT AS IMPORTANT AS I WOULD LIKE TO THINK.

OK, I said it. Said it in a shout as well. I believe that's where some of the huge schism got started in American politics. See, it used to be that both sides really were out there to help the country in the way they thought was best. But somewhere along the way, both parties decided that instead of helping AMERICA, they would help themselves. That led to two opposing ways to go about things. Democrats decided that only a few elites could have money, and anybody not on their side of the field would have to give up everything they had for the others on the Democrat sidelines. Republicans decided that only a few could have money, and everyone else should work hard to try and be one of those few.

Strange isn't it. Neither side wants everyone to have money. One side says the rich are evil, the other says, the rich are what you should strive to be. Both sides say it's the other side’s fault. Both sides cry about injustice. Both sides are full of rich fat cats, and poor working people. Both sides really only want themselves to succeed.

So, I can see where the "Occupy" movement is coming from. I am frustrated with the leaders of this country as well. I bet 99% of the country is frustrated. What I don't understand about these people is what the end game is. Protests work when there is an end game. In the 60's the end game was to bring equality to the black population. In the 80's I remember protesters trying to put an end to nuclear arms. Both had an end game. The T(axed) E(nough) A(lready) Party has an end game of bringing Republicans back to their roots. What is the end game of the Occupy movement? Do they want Wall Street to be brought down? Do they want taxes lowered? Do they want an end to deficit spending? Those things are debatable and actionable. The problem I see with the Occupy movement is that there isn't an actionable piece to their puzzle. You want leadership change? Fine, go out and run for office yourself and effect that change. You want the government to get out of your daily life? Fine, go and vote for those people that support your ideas. You want more taxes to help get rid of the deficit? Fine, vote for those that raise taxes and send in the extra money you have each month. You just want to whine that life isn't fair? That's something I can't handle. That's something that's not actionable. Life will never be fair. Like my mom used to say, "If life where fair I'd be first for everything!" See, fair is in the eye of the beholder. Fair is as measurable as the sands of the worlds beaches. You can't measure fair. What's fair to you isn't fair to me and vice-a-versa.

If I had a better understanding of what the Occupy movement wanted, maybe I could back them. Until I do, I say go fill out an application at McDonald's, get to work, work hard and move up the ladder. I'm gonna need somebody to make my hamburger once I become one of the rich! :)

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